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Fellow Project Title Mentor(s)
Lauren Aleksunes Transforming Pharmacy Education at Rutgers Joseph Barone
Ioannis Androulakis Strategic Alliance Rutgers – Stuart Country Day School (StARS) Lily Young
Beth Angell NTT Faculty Development for School of Social Work Cathryn Potter
Charletta Ayers Rutgers OB Prenatal (ROP) Modified Group Care Program: Rutgers’ Health – Improving Health Care Outcomes and Conserving Health Care Resources Gloria Bachmann
Dunbar Birnie Interdisciplinary Education-Encouraging Student Entrepreneurship Matt Matsuda
Linda Brzustowicz Encouraging, Documenting, and Recognizing Excellence in Academic Leadership Brent Ruben
Nancy Cintron Interprofessional Wellness Clinic Alma Meriens, Cathyrn Potter, Joseph Barone
Timothy Cleary Developing a Self-Evaluation System to Promote Program Quality Susan Forman
Elliot Coups Establishing a Population Sciences Research Support Core at Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ Sharon Manne
Robin Diamond Creating an Advising Partnership in the School of Arts and Sciences Susan Lawrence
Kevin Ewell Enhancing the Staff Experience in the School of Communication & Information Karen Novick
Patricia Findley Interprofessional Wellness Clinic Alma Meriens, Cathyrn Potter, Joseph Barone
Sharon Fortin Communicating Responsibility Center Management (RCM) Incentives at Rutgers Dorothea Berkhout, Clinton Andrews
Ingrid Fulmer Advisory Board for the HRM Department in SMLR David Allen
Tobias Gerhard Rutgers Center for Pharmacoepidemiology and Treatment Science Brian Strom
Roger Grillo Effective Administrative Cooperation to Foster Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations Within the Responsibility Center Management Model of Budgeting Peter Gillies
Kenneth Karamichael Program in Juvenile Justice and Youth Development at Rutgers University – An Interdisciplinary and Cross Campus Initiative Larry Katz
Christopher Kenniff Merging Mason Gross Extension Division’s ABT® Certified School of Ballet with Washington Rock Ballet George Stauffer
Sharda Kohli Precision Radiation Oncology Fellowship for International Fellows at Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ Bruce Haffty
Robin Leichenko Supporting Women in Geography Richard Schroeder
Margaret Quinn Development of a Nursing Faculty Reappointment & Promotion Online Toolkit for NTT Faculty Charlotte Thomas-Hawkins, D. Anthony Forrester
Sheraz Siddiqui Evaluating the RWJUH Length of Stay for Patients and Possible Solutions to Lowering The LOS Index Martha Lansing
Steven Singer Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Faculty to Faculty Cecile Feldman
Jean Sinzdak National Reading Day Campaign to Promote Women’s Public Leadership Debbie Walsh
Frank Sonnenberg Improving Hypertension Management at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School John B. Kostis
Tudor Vagaonescu Healthy Life-Style Changes in Survivors of Cardiovascular Events Through a Comprehensive Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program Peter Gillies
Jeff Wang New Brunswick International Student Academic Success Initiative Richard Edwards
Matt Winkler New Brunswick Staff Advisory Council Barry Qualls


2015-2017 RLA Inaugural Cohort Banquet