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ALP-RH provides a venue for faculty administrators to examine and further develop their leadership, management, and organizational competencies with attention to current biomedical and health sciences challenges and opportunities at the national and state level, and within Rutgers and RBHS. ALP-RH delivers a blend of concepts, tools, and practices to strengthen individual and collective leadership capacity across Rutgers Health. During this one-year program, fellows will explore common leadership challenges and share strategies for addressing these challenges and pursuing new opportunities.  

The redesigned program includes 2-3 virtual sessions in Fall 2023 and Spring 2024, along with an interactive two-day offsite program retreat to be held in February 2024, which will give participants the opportunity to meet and interact with Rutgers Health senior leadership and members of the ALP-RH cohort.  

In addition to these ALP-RH specific modules, all ALP-RH participants are highly encouraged to participate in a series of Rutgers Academic Leadership Seminars. These seminars will focus on relevant principles and practices for effective academic leadership at Rutgers University. The sessions will provide attendees with opportunities for meaningful interaction with participants of academic leadership development programs across the institution.  

The program is co-sponsored by the Rutgers Office of Organizational Leadership and Rutgers Health (RH).

Program Goals

  • Increase understanding of current biomedical and health sciences leadership challenges at the national and state level, and within Rutgers and RH, through presentations and discussions with higher education and academic health experts.  
  • Reflect on and articulate one’s philosophy for engaging in academic leadership.   
  • Strengthen the ability to assess and leverage individual personal and professional strengths, and the strengths of those they lead, through the use of various assessment tools and engagement strategies. 

Program Administrators

For more information about the program please contact:

Tynisha Coleman

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Inclusion, and Development
Rutgers Health Faculty Affairs

Mary Marsan

Project Manager
Rutgers Health Faculty Affairs