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Below are various cohort-based leadership development offerings for faculty, staff, and doctoral students from across Rutgers.

Rutgers Office of Organizational Leadership:
Academic Leadership Development Programs

Rutgers Leadership Academy (RLA)
The Rutgers Leadership Academy (RLA) is a one-year program for mid-career faculty and academic staff who aspire to broadened leadership roles.

Academic Leadership Program at Rutgers Health (ALP-RH)
The Academic Leadership Program at RH (ALP-RH) provides a venue for faculty administrators from RH (e.g., chairs, program directors) to examine and further develop their leadership, management, and organizational competencies with attention to current biomedical and health sciences challenges and opportunities at the national and state level, and within Rutgers and RBHS.

Department Leaders Program-New Brunswick (DLP-NB)
The Department Leaders Program-New Brunswick (DLP-NB) provides a venue for department chairs and department leaders in New Brunswick to examine and further develop their leadership, management, and organizational competencies, within the context of Rutgers-New Brunswick.

Rutgers-Camden Faculty Leadership Program
The Rutgers-Camden Faculty Leadership Program is a one-year program for faculty in a variety of leadership roles at Rutgers-Camden (e.g., department chair, area head, graduate director) who are interested in knowledge acquisition and skill development in areas relevant to their current roles and potential future roles.

PreDoctoral Leadership Development Academy (PLDA)
The PreDoctoral Leadership Academy (PLDA) is a one-year program designed to provide doctoral students from across Rutgers with the supplemental knowledge and skills needed for academic and administrative leadership roles.

University Human Resources:
OneRED Rutgers Employee Development: Staff Leadership Development Program

OneRED: High-Impact Leadership Program
The OneRED: High-Impact Leadership Program (HILP) is a strategic growth opportunity for Rutgers staff leaders at the Director level and above. HILP is designed to create a network of leaders with a university-wide, “One Rutgers” perspective, who will play critical roles in shaping the future of the university. Delivered over 12 months through learning sessions, assignments, and meaningful conversations, the HILP combines networking and instruction with opportunities to assess and apply leadership styles.

For additional leadership development offerings and tools for staff provided through OneRED, explore here.

Office of University Equity and Inclusion and Rutgers Faculty Diversity Collaborative:
Women’s Leadership Development Program

OASIS Leadership and Professional Development Program
The OASIS Leadership and Professional Development Program is a 6-month intensive program for early, mid- and advanced career women faculty from all tracks who aspire to advance their careers and broaden their leadership roles within their units, discipline and/or the university. The program is designed to accelerate the career advancement of women faculty and increase their retention by reducing isolation and preparing them for academic, professional, and/or administrative leadership roles. OASIS focuses on the development of leadership and communication competencies, tools, and strategies to enhance the professional capabilities of women faculty and increase their success. The program, in particular, addresses the unique, layered, and intersectional leadership challenges that women faculty, faculty women of color, and/or STEM women may encounter on their path to promotion, advancement, and academic leadership.