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The Center offers the administration, interpretation, and use of assessments for individual leaders and groups and customized facilitation based on the needs and goals of the unit or department.

Resources for individual assessment and improvement:

  • Leadership Competencies Scorecard – The Leadership Competencies Scorecard provides a competency-based framework for leadership effectiveness and allows individuals to rate their understanding and skill in each of the five competencies based the framework provided in What Leaders Need to Know and Do.
  • Leadership and Communication Style Inventories – The Leadership Style Inventory and Communication Style Inventory were designed to help individuals reflect on and better understand their unique approaches to leadership and communication and those demonstrated by others in their unit, department, or organization.
  • 3-2-1 Approach to Faculty Development
  • Intercultural Communication Behavior ScalesThe ICBS is an instrument designed to assess behaviors that are associated with a culture of inclusion and belonging. The assessment tool allows users to measure respect, interaction/response style, knowledge orientation, empathy, role behavior, conversation management, and ambiguity tolerance.

Resources for organizational assessment and improvement:

The following resources may be used by leaders across Rutgers seeking to lead organizational change, engage in systematic planning, or participate in purposeful mentoring conversations