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What Fellows said About Their RLA Experience

  • It really taught me what leadership is about and what it takes to be a good leader in a complex environment like Rutgers.
  • Provides you with the time, space, and opportunity to evaluate and develop appropriate knowledge and skills to enhance your leadership potential and role at the university and beyond.
  • RLA provides a superb overview of challenges and solutions for leaders (or future leaders) in institutes of higher education. Beyond an overview, RLA provides a detailed analysis of leadership styles, approaches, and outcomes that augment individual fellows’ understanding of the nature and process of leadership. The opportunity to engage in discussion, project-based learning, and a protracted study of leadership development is of tremendous value to individuals at all levels of leadership.
  • RLA provided me the opportunity to hear, and learn from, speakers who held high level administrative positions in the University, this was the primary value to me.
  • RLA provide current concepts in leadership management, an avenue to implement them in real-time via the capstone project (practice is always important) and a place to network that is not normally available at RU.
  • The program provides a solid understanding of the complexities of higher education. These complexities are usually ignored by many, especially the faculty.
  • As a fellow from RBHS, this program provided an opportunity to better understand the leadership structures and challenges of other units at RU and identify best practices for successful leadership and growth within RBHS and the larger institution.
  • The entire program has filled a void at Rutgers which is beneficial not just to me and the rest of the fellows, but also encouraging to many faculty and staff across the campuses.