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Staff from the Rutgers Center for Organizational Leadership are actively involved in various professional associations.

The work of the Center has been presented at recent meetings of the International Leadership Association, International Communication Association, National Communication Association, and Network for Change and Continuous Innovation, including these recently presented papers:

  • Ruben, B. D. & Gigliotti, R. A. Reconceptualizing the relationship between leadership, communication and social influence: Resonance, activation, and cultivation.
    (International Leadership Association Global Conference, Ottawa, Canada, October 2019)
  • Gigliotti, R. A. Current approaches to academic and administrative leadership development at NCCI member institutions.
    (Network for Change and Continuous Innovation in Higher Education, Denver, CO, July 2019)
  • Gigliotti, R. A. Understanding crisis and crisis leadership in the context of higher education.
    (International Crisis and Risk Communication Conference, Orlando, FL, March 2019)
  • Gigliotti, R. A. Crisis leadership in higher education: Current trends and concepts.
    (International Leadership Association Global Conference, West Palm Beach, FL, October 2018)
  • Gigliotti, R. A. & Ruben, B. D. Developing future leaders in higher education: The Rutgers PreDoctoral Leadership Development Academy.
    (International Leadership Association Global Conference, West Palm Beach, FL, October 2018)
  • Ruben, B. D., De Lisi, R., & Gigliotti, R. A. The Rutgers University Leadership Academy.
    (Higher Education Leadership Forum 2018, Sheffield, United Kingdom, September 2018)

In addition to conference presentations, Center team members play an active role in a variety of volunteer roles: