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Akhila Naik

Akhila Naik is a dynamic professional with extensive experience in academic, legal, corporate and federal agencies.At Rutgers, Naik teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations in the School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR). She specializes in Employment Law, Immigration Law and topics involving Discrimination and Stereotypes in the...

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Audrey Minden

Dr. Audrey Minden is an Associate Professor in the Department of View Bio

Próspero N. García

Próspero N. García is an associate professor at the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Rutgers Camden. He is interested in Spanish second language (L2) development, Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory of mind, L2 evaluation and assessment, technology enhanced language learning, teacher training, and bilingual education. Dr. García was a member of the first Rutgers-Camden Faculty...

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Laura Danson

Laura is the Associate Director of Budgeting at the School of Arts and Science. She is a Rutgers University graduate with a Bachelors in Accounting.  Laura worked as an International financial analyst for an insurance company for over 25 years before starting her career at Rutgers in 2017 as a Budget Analyst. She was pr...

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Anna Dampf

Anna Dampf is the Assistant Director of Research Financial Services in the Office for Research.  She recently marked her 25th anniversary in higher education and has delivered presentations on Post-Award research administration topics at both regional and national levels.View Bio

Milady Murillo

Milady Murillo is the Associate Director at the Institute for Families (IFF), where she leads several training initiatives, including the New Jersey Victim Assistance Academy (NJVAA) and the New Jersey Child Welfare Training Partnership (NJCWTP). She oversees the ongoing management of professional development for the state's child welfare workforce and ensures that the p...

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Alexis White

Alexis White is the Academic & Faculty Affairs Administrator in the Dean’s Office at Mason Gross School of the Arts. In her role, Alexis supports and fosters the growth of academic programming and infrastructure at MGSA and supports faculty affairs processes across the school. She provides senior-level support to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Dean...

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Laura Stone

Laura Stone is a student affairs professional with experience in various areas of higher education, including diversity and inclusion, service learning and c...

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Devon Ziminski

Devon is a Senior Research Project Administrator at the Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs (WRI) at Rutgers University - Camden, a staff affiliate with the New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center at Rutgers University School of Public Health, and a ...

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Aparna Zama

Dr. Aparna Zama is an Associate Teaching Professor and the Director of the Undergraduate Program in Animal Sciences at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) at Rutgers-New Brunswick. Dr. Zama won the 2022 SEBS Teaching Excellence award and was named a Provost Teaching Fellow in 2021-2022. Dr. Zama is the Chair of the Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee at SEBS. She has...

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