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Audrey Minden

Dr. Audrey Minden is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Biology in the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy. She received her B.A. degree at Colorado College and her Ph.D. at University of Illinois. Dr. Minden’s has a laboratory in the Laboratory for Cancer research. Her research involves studying signaling pathways regulate cell growth and that can be improperly activated in cancer cells. Her main focus is studying breast cancer cells, and analyzing small molecules that can inhibit their growth both in culture and in animal models. Dr. Minden is frequently involved in mentoring students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in the lab and in the classroom. She has also served on various committees, including included the honors committee, which involves providing research experience for honors students in the PharmD program. This year Dr. Minden developed a new course for the PharmD program entitled “Biochemical Foundations of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.” This course was developed to address the need for a better background in biochemistry for students in the PharmD program. The course also enables students in the program to understand how biochemical concepts are important for drug development and the practice of pharmacy