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Próspero N. García

Próspero N. García is an associate professor at the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Rutgers Camden. He is interested in Spanish second language (L2) development, Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory of mind, L2 evaluation and assessment, technology enhanced language learning, teacher training, and bilingual education.

Dr. García was a member of the first Rutgers-Camden Faculty Leadership Program and has been the recipient of several teaching awards including the 2020 Warren I. Susman Award for Excellence in Teaching at Rutgers University, the 2017-2018 Graduate Faculty Teaching Award from the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools (NAGS), the 2017-2018 President Fellowship for Teaching Excellence at Rutgers University, and the 2017 Chancellor’s Award for teaching excellence at Rutgers University-Camden.

As Graduate Program Director at the Spanish MAT at Rutgers Camden he has contributed to the formation of teachers in South Jersey through research, mentoring, and the creation of the Rutgers-Camden MAT series in applied linguistics.