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A letter announcing the opening of the nomination process will be emailed September 2021. All nominations are due September 27, 2021. Select nominees will then be invited to submit an online application due October 7, 2021. A committee will review all applications and will accept approximately 20-25 fellows for the 2022 cohort. Fellows will be announced October 14, 2021.

Newly appointed Faculty Administrator with less than two years of experience in the role (e.g. Chair, Chief, Associate Dean, Director, etc.) or an established chair, program director, or division chief seeking to enhance one’s leadership capacity are eligible to be nominated.

Nominations for participation in ALP-RBHS are submitted by VPs, deans, directors, chairs or other senior leaders who see potential for greater leadership in the nominee. Senior leaders may nominate more than one individual. Once nominated, the prospective Fellow will be notified about completion of the necessary online nominee information to be considered. Self-nominations are also accepted. Self-nominees who are selected to participate in the program will first need the approval of one’s Dean to participate in the program.