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There was a time when “crises” on college and university campuses were relatively rare and episodic. When incidents did occur, they were usually contained within specific departments of a college or university. In addition, the management of such issues was largely the responsibility of the communication and media relations personnel within the institution. Much has changed, and with this change comes the need for academic and administrative leaders to focus on crisis leadership development. 

Using content provided in Crisis Leadership in Higher Education: Theory and Practice  (Gigliotti, 2019), the Rutgers Center for Organizational Leadership offers facilitated workshops for units on the preparation and development of crisis leadership competencies. 

This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to identify and analyze the types of crises that are most relevant to their unit/department and to self-assess the strengths and areas for improvement as it relates to the critical skills, values, and competencies associated with crisis leadership. This program also allows participants to reflect on strengths, areas for improvement, and lessons learned in addressing departmental and institutional crises.