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Reuel Mebuin

Reuel first encountered the nuances of university affairs, administration and policies when he enrolled into the then lone university in his native country. The University which was created for a student population of about 5000 students was handling a student population of 50,000 with no added amenities to accommodate the increased student population.  While these students were from two distinct educational systems, almost all classes were taught exclusively in the language of majority, French. Reuel became an ardent advocate for university reforms, challenging the status quo at the risk of his personal wellbeing. Thanks to their advocacy, the government decentralized the higher education system in the early 1990s. But the new structures were still plagued by the many issues that plagued the original system and it renewed Reuel’s advocacy for university reforms. It is this interest in university policies and affairs that inspired Reuel to pursue studies in Higher Education Management, Leadership and Policy and eventually seek employment in a university setting. Reuel has gained over 13 years of leadership experience in the private sector especially in the Banking and Finance sector. Reuel has also been exposed to the basic working knowledge in the university system both as a faculty and as a staff member. 

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