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Mark Siracusa

Dr. Siracusa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Center for Immunity and Inflammation at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Before joining Rutgers Dr. Siracusa trained at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania where he developed his expertise in the fields of Immunity and Inflammation. Dr. Siraucusa’s laboratory focuses on the mechanisms that promote immunity to helminth parasites and the development of allergic inflammation. Dr. Siracusa work has identified previously unrecognized roles for basophils and mast cells in regulating helminth- and allergen-induced pathology. Further, Dr. Siracusa’s research has developed novel inhibitors of these pathways that have important clinical implications. Dr. Siracusa is the recipient of several highly competitive RO1 grants and his work has been published in high-impact journals including The Journal of Experimental Medicine and Nature Immunology. Dr. Siracusa is also the founder and president of NemaGen Discoveries, a Rutgers-based startup company that recently received $1MM in venture capital funding and an NIH Small Business and Innovation Research award. Dr. Siracusa serves as a reviewer and editor for several high impact journals and was recently invited by the NIH to serve as a permanent member of the Innate Immunity and Inflammation study. 

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