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Lung Cancer Screening during Mammography

Tej Phatak, MD, MBA
Vice Chair of Operations, Informatics, and Education
Department of Radiology, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Dr. Phatak obtained a BA in chemistry and physics at Harvard College and an MD/MBA at Columbia University followed by dual residencies in pediatrics (CNMC) and radiology (NJMS) and fellowship training in pediatric radiology (CHOP). He holds several leadership positions at NBIMC including vice chair of radiology, program director of the radiology residency program, and vice chair of the Institutional Review Board.

Project Sponsor
Steven Parmett, MD
Department of Radiology, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Lung cancer screening rates are lower in black smokers relative to their white counterparts. Various opportunities exist in the hospital setting to increase screening in the black population. One such opportunity involves screening women for smoking risk at the time of mammography. I would like to introduce screening for smoking at the time of mammography and track the compliance with lung cancer screening with CT in these patients and what the effect is on the overall screening of black women in our local community.

Specific goals for this project will include the following:

  1. Establish tool to screen for lung cancer at the time of mammography
  2. Develop process to track and follow this additional screened population
  3. Assess impact of the screening on total lung cancer screening CT volume and lung cancer detection rate
  4. Identify other opportunities to screen patients in our community for lung cancer
  5. Use results to guide other similar initiatives