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Expanding Rutgers COVID-19 Dashboard

Jennifer St.Pierre
Director of Strategic and Campus Communications
Rutgers Communications (R-Comm)
Email: jstpierr@echo.rutgers.edu

Jennifer St.Pierre is the Director of Strategic and Campus Communications for Rutgers Health Affairs within Rutgers Communications. In this position she oversees executive and internal communications for RBHS in addition to health communications for the university. Previously, Jennifer led the marketing efforts for NJIT’s online graduate programs, served as the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Rutgers Graduate School of Education. Jennifer is an alumna of Rutgers Business School (MBA’11) and earned her bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations from Penn State. Jennifer volunteers for the Literacy Volunteers of Somerset County.

Project Sponsor
Jennifer Hollingshead
Vice Chancellor of Marketing and Communications
Rutgers Communications (R-Comm)

In anticipation of an increase in the on-campus population this coming fall, the university should consider expanding the data presented on its COVID dashboard beyond testing results to include information such as total population on campus, on-campus housing population, and the quantity of individuals in isolation and quarantine in on-campus housing.