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Ellen Lieberman, Ph.D.

Ellen Lieberman, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Douglass Residential College
Rutgers – New Brunswick

Dr. Lieberman is an Associate Dean at Douglass Residential College, Rutgers – New Brunswick. Her background is in Global Systems: Urban Education. She has earned an M.S. in Human Resource Management, an M.A in Educational Psychology, and is a NJ State Certified School Psychologist. In 2019 she was a contributing author in an edited book on the Social Pathways of Health Vulnerability, focused on the social determinants of health. Through her research, Ellen discovered that students who were underrepresented in certain majors (e.g., women in Engineering) were recruited and retained at rates more than three times the national average if they participated in a single-gender living-learning community in their first year at Rutgers. The combination of peer support and mentoring from staff and graduate students created a network of support that helped students to increase their self-efficacy, sustain their motivation, become resilient, and to reach their goals and graduate. Ellen has been focused on recruiting more women into STEM majors and is currently working on a plan for new living-learning communities through a residential program model. 

Click here for Ellen’s capstone project poster