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Developing a Community of Practice: Creating a Pre-Nursing Team

Jane Ferrick, MS
Director of the Office of Academic Success
Rutgers School of Nursing

Jane Ferrick has two decades of experience in higher education, supervising staff, and teaching at the university level. She is a SUNY Buffalo State College graduate, where she received her Masters of Science in College Student Administration Personnel. Jane is currently the Director for the Office of Academic Success at Rutgers School of Nursing. She has been recognized for exceptional recruiting and training tutors and for engaging students in learning activities and dialogue about strategies to advance learning and support scholarship. Jane has significant experience working closely with mentoring students from diverse national and socio-economic backgrounds. Jane is a board member for the College Reading and Learning Association of PA/NJ and regional president of the organization for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Project Sponsor
Dr. Kyle D. Warren
Senior Vice Dean – Administration and Student Services
Rutgers School of Nursing

Over the next few years, the School of Nursing will be undergoing several changes to the undergraduate program, implementing a new undergraduate curriculum, shifting the 2nd-degree program to our Newark Campus, a gradual increase in undergraduate enrollment on our New Brunswick Campus. One component of these changes will be the addition of a pre-nursing program on our Newark campus. For my capstone project, I focused on the pre-nursing program and the development of a pre-nursing team. Outcomes for this project include finding a way to increase the informal and rapid flow of information to improve the shared body knowledge and build awareness regarding the students we support. This information would enable the School of Nursing to maintain the nursing profession’s high safety standards while creating the scaffolding required to meet the students’ learning needs. The program would result in recruiting and retaining a diverse body of students prepared to meet the nursing profession’s evolving challenges. The pre-nursing team will model the communication and collaboration practices that nurses follow in their careers as participants in inter-professional healthcare teams. Lastly, this program would allow for a more flexible approach to respond to feedback and align efforts with Rutgers strategic focus.