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Amy Mandelbaum

Amy Mandelbaum is a Senior Program Administrator at the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station’s Office of Resource and Economic Development. In this role, she supports the development of programs and off-campus infrastructure that foster interdisciplinary research, outreach, and positive economic development outcomes.  

Amy has extensive experience developing educational and training initiatives focused on agricultural retention, land conservation, habitat restoration, and stormwater management. For over 15 years, she held various positions focused on environmental issues, working for a private environmental consulting firm, two universities (Rutgers University and Cornell University), and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. In each of her roles, she was responsible for creating educational materials and training programs, leading community outreach, and conducting environmental field work. Amy has experience working with farmers, scientists, educators, non-profit organizations, and local and state government officials. She holds a BS in Environmental Science and a EdM in Science Education from Rutgers University.