Process and Tools


Process and Methods

maaplogoThe MAAP process provides an intergrative strategy for and visual display of the multiple ways in which each unit’s goals align with the University’s goals.

The MAAP process includes three major steps:

Step 1: Alignment

What are each unit’s goals? Which of those goals align with which of the University’s undergraduate educational experience mission goals?

  • Each unit lists its activities or programs, and fill in where its goals align with University mission goals on a MAAP grid
  • Deep colors identify primary areas of contribution and the focus of the unit’s assessment activities
  • Pastel colors identify secondary areas of contribution

Step 2: Assessment

What evidence is there that the unit is meeting its aligned goals?

  • Ideally each unit will have a web page listing its aligned goals and providing current assessment results.
  • For many units, all that will be involved is creating a link to the assessment data they are ALREADY collecting!
  • Some units will want to adjust their goals to better align with the University mission goals — this may then lead them to adopt additional or different assessment measures.

Step 3: Planning

How are the assessment results used to improve unit contributions to the achievement of the mission goals? What information does unit assessment provide about overall university success in meeting the mission goal? What synergies can be created between units that all contribute to a particular mission goal?
MAAP creates opportunities for units from across the university who contribute to the same mission goal to collaborate to increase the university’s success in meeting that goal.

Resources for MAAP participants
MAAP Powerpoint
The MAAP Powerpoint provides an overview of MAAP and detailed information about how to apply MAAP to a unit, department, or program


MAAP Grid – Undergraduate and Graduate
Excel spread sheet versions of the Undergraduate and Graduate versions of the MAAP grid


More information about MAAP:

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