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Overview and Description

maaplogoThe innovative Mission Alignment and Assessment Planning system (MAAP) is designed to document and assess the contributions of the many programs and units that play a role in the Rutgers-New Brunswick undergraduate educational experience mission/goals, and to facilitate and encourage assessment and alignment of outcomes and progress toward those goals. MAAP focuses on seven university-level undergraduate mission goals:

  • Student Recruitment Goals
  • Rutgers Support and Pride Goals
  • Personal and Professional Development Goals
  • Academic Degree Goals
  • Progress to Degree Goals
  • Post-Graduation Success Goals
  • Operational Support for Faculty and Staff Goals

MAAP’s Purposes: Alignment, Assessment, and Planning

Provides a visual display of the multiple ways in which each unit’s goals align with the University’s goals
Recognizes unit success in meeting these goals by providing a portal to unit assessment data
Facilitates planning by identifying under-met goals and cultivating synergies between units that all contribute to a particular mission goal
While MAAP was initially developed in the context of a major reorganization of the undergraduate education schools and functions at Rutgers New Brunswick, the MAAP concept can be employed in virtually any domain within a college or university.

What’s New in MAAP?

MAAP was featured in a summary of significant national initiatives in higher education improvement published by Penn State’s Office of Institutional Assessment and Planning. Click here to see the article.
The Rutgers University Libraries recently uploaded their MAAP grid to the Library web page. Click here.

What’s Coming in MAAP?

Watch for reports on the first pilot of a graduate education MAAP.

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