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Gigliotti, R. A. & Ruben, B. D. (2019). Leadership, Communication, and Social Influence: A Theory of Resonance, Activation, and Cultivation. Emerald Publishing Limited.
Gigliotti, R. A., Ruben, B. D., & Goldthwaite, C. (2017). Leadership: Communication and social influence in personal and professional settings. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.
A Guide for Leaders in Higher EducationBrent D. Ruben, Richard De Lisi, Ralph A. Gigliotti, Foreword by Doug Lederman A Guide for Leaders in Higher Education. Core Concepts, Competencies, and Tools
Excellence in Higher Education GuideBrent D. Ruben, Excellence in Higher Education Guide. A Framework for the Design, Assessment, and Continuing Improvement of Institutions, Departments, and Programs.
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Excellence in Higher EducationBrent D. Ruben, Excellence in Higher Education. Workbook and Scoring Instructions.
quality-in-higher-educationRuben, B. D., Quality in Higher Education, New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Books, 1995, 321 pp.

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Benchmarking Studies

OL Graduate Research Team

The Rutgers Center for Organizational Leadership Graduate Research Team, a group of interdisciplinary graduate students with an interest in leadership dynamics in higher education, are currently involved in a collaborative benchmarking study of in-house academic and administrative leadership development programs sponsored by member institutions from the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation in Higher Education (NCCI).

One of the strategic priorities for NCCI is to build leadership capacity in higher education leaders, and the hope is that this summary of existing in-house leadership development programs for academic and administrative leaders will a) contribute to the development of a NCCI emerging leadership certificate or program, b) contribute to the development of new and innovative internal leadership development programs across NCCI member institutions, and c) contribute to a growing area of interest in the professional and scholarly literature as it relates to leadership development in higher education.

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