Topics in Academic Leadership Seminars

These optional seminars* focus on generic, higher-level, cross-cutting academic leadership issues that relevant for—and advertised to—all current academic administrators and other faculty and staff interested in academic leadership (on a first come, first served basis). Doctoral students with an interest in academic leadership, including participants in our PreDoctoral Leadership Development Academy and students in the PhD program in Higher Education, will continue to be invited to participate in these seminars, as well.

Seminars presented:

  • Dr. Walt Gmelch, Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of San Francisco and one of the leading researchers in the study of academic leaders in higher education, delivered two guest leadership lectures for the Rutgers Center for Organizational Leadership on Wednesday, February 13. His afternoon presentation for our Topics in Academic Leadership seminar addressed the topic of “Leadership Tradeoffs: Managing Time, Stress, and Transitions.” He also led an interactive workshop later that evening for the Rutgers Leadership Academy Fellows on “University Leadership in Action: Building Your Team and Working with Your Colleagues.”
  • Jerome Williams, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of Rutgers-Newark, Prudential Chair in Business, and Research Director of The Center of Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development, led a session on the topic of Leadership Ethics in Higher Education based on his personal experiences and relevant areas of scholarly research.
  • Phoebe Haddon, Chancellor of Rutgers-Camden, offered her reflections on the subject of leadership in higher education, drawing on critical moments from her tenure as Chancellor of Rutgers-Camden and previous leadership roles.
  • Rich Novak, Vice President for Continuing Studies and Distance Learning offered a number of strategies and case studies associated with “Building an Effective Administrative Team.”
  • Drawing upon his vast knowledge of the landscape of American higher education, Doug Lederman, Editor and Co-Founder of Inside Higher Ed reflected on where we are now as a sector and offered his thoughts on where he sees institutions of higher education going in the years ahead.
  • Beth Tracy, Senior Director for Faculty Development, shared coaching tips and techniques with lunch attendees in her session on “Coaching Skills for Academic Mentors.”
  • Richard Dool, Ghada Endick, Robyn Ginese, and Christine Goldthwaite spoke about the Leadership Living Learning Community, developed through a partnership between Residence Life, the Department of Leadership & Experiential Learning, and the School of Communication & Information. In addition to highlighting the learning community, the presenters engaged lunch participants in a discussion on how to strengthen student leadership at Rutgers.

* Beginning in Fall 2018, the RUALP sessions and Leadership at Lunch Seminars were merged into a new initiative titled “Topics in Academic Leadership.”