PLDI is Seeking Nominations for the 2016-2018 Fellowship Program

The PreDoctoral Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) is seeking nominations for the 2016-2018 Fellowship program. Each fall, PLDI welcomes a select group of Rutgers University doctoral students from a broad array of disciplines to its two-year program. This unique program is designed to provide students with an introduction to current practices and challenges in higher education and knowledge of the organizational, analytical, communication, and personal competencies necessary to effective leadership.

PLDI was created to provide a complement to discipline-based study, by offering:

  • An overview of current issues and challenges facing higher education;
  • Experiential and classroom opportunities emphasizing leadership style and strategy;
  • Collaborative decision-making;
  • Planning and organizational assessment;
  • Communicating with internal and external constituencies; and
  • Other knowledge and skill-sets important for leadership.

PLDI is open to all doctoral students at Rutgers. Students need to be nominated by a program director, department chair, dean, or vice-president.

If you know of a doctoral student who would benefit from, and make the most use of, this program, please nominate them. Qualified students are also welcome to apply directly with supporting materials.

Information on the simple nomination process is available onlineNominations are due by May 15.